Mangrove: “The coast guards”

Mangrove Except their natural benefit as a protective barrier against the flood and tsunamis, mangroves are valuable for the people living in the coastal areas. They have the most commercial value as charcoal. Mangrove charcoal is the best in quality and has many medical benefits. Mangroves are having huge crisis nowadays and are at risk, not of extinction, but from being overexploited by harvesting it too much for income. The risk here will be directly to people living in coastal areas which will be suffering from flood in future. The people living in the coastal areas should be aware about the risk of overexploitation of mangrove. The old generation is difficult to change their minds easily as they grow up without any awareness about the mangroves. I think that the best way of awareness is to make the new generation aware, for certainly in future they will be mindful about the mangrove use in a proper way.


Tropimundo students from worldwide (14 countries) while studying their second semester in University of Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), took the Mangrove field work course. In the course of 14 days in field (Matang forest in Perak and Setiu wetland in Kuala Terengganu). The course was designed to introduce the mangrove habitat for students and help them understand the mangrove species differences and see how the different habitat of mangroves are. And especially understand how Matang has been managed for 100 years. One of the activities was to conduct an awareness activity for children of villages in mangrove areas.

dscn0785.jpgThe school was informed about our visit there and we conducted different activities in a way of fun and games for students. The children were very active and happy with the games presented for them and they were interacting with games in way of good understanding of the material that we wanted to teach them. More such activities should be carried out by each one according to their abilities and study field as well as more awareness programs are needed especially from government side in order to aware about the mangrove importance. Mangrove is important for other organisms like fishes, crabs, mollusks and many other organisms living in water and/or in land.



Janan Khamo Gawra 

Tropimundo 2017


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