Elephant PhotoPhriday

Hello dear readers, Welcome to our next PhotoPhriday issue. This time the focus is on elephants, as you probably would have guessed by the title. When you live in the Netherlands, there aren't many chances to see them, and when you do, it is at a zoo. One of the many reasons for me to… Continue reading Elephant PhotoPhriday

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Ant pollination: Why not?

Ant pollination: why not? Welcome to the first real 'ecology' post of 'Weltbummler Ecology' (we might need to change the name at some point...). When we started, we thought we might focus more on this type of article and our previous Genetically Modified Organism article but alas that was not the case. Our current MSc… Continue reading Ant pollination: Why not?

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Dealing with life & wildlife: Australia

This week's assignment was to portrait the relationship between humans and nature. I soon realized how many of these interactions I happened to immortalize on my year of backpacking, and decided to dedicate the whole issues to that southern island called Australia. It’s always hard to grasp what makes you fall in love. It’s never… Continue reading Dealing with life & wildlife: Australia



New Year's eve is coming soon, and I would like to introduce to you the Spanish traditions followed on this special day (not Spanish drinking and partying). So the question is: How to get lucky on New Year's Eve? It all starts with the grapes (green grapes, not red ones). For in Spain, we have our own New… Continue reading NEW YEAR’S EVE AND THE 12 GRAPES: A SPANISH TRADITION


PhotoPhriday: Winged, gracious bugs

The exam session is just around the corner, which means that there will be a lot of studying during these holidays. It's not a nice feeling. We thought that some lightheartedness was really needed. Especially for those (nerds!) that like us are spending their phriday night staring at their laptop instead of having a life.… Continue reading PhotoPhriday: Winged, gracious bugs