British Apple Crumble

This recipe is a great traditional British desert. A real winter warming pie to enjoy at the end of the day- or even as sweet breakfast the next day (as my Italian roommate, Giulia likes to do!). It’s easy to make and you don’t need much equipment, so make sure you give it a try… Continue reading British Apple Crumble

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Devious devices of distraction…

In our world of constant distractions, bright lights and the social medias, maintaining focus is a challenge. I sat down today to work on an essay and found it immediately necessary to check the time of the football match I wanted to watch, read the reviews of every restaurant within a 10km radius and make… Continue reading Devious devices of distraction…


Flemish Beef Stew – Stoofvlees

Now that the blog has had a make-over and some new blogging categories have been added to the page, it is time to get the posting started again. And what better way to do it with than some appetite inducing recipes from around the world, in our brand new food-section? In light of our recent… Continue reading Flemish Beef Stew – Stoofvlees


“Beach Cleaning at Bahar ic-Caghaq in Malta during Our Ocean 2017”

25 kilograms of garbage consisting of mainly plastics, broken glass and cigarette butts was collected on the Bahar ic-Caghaq beach after one hour of beach cleaning by twelve ocean activists. The cleaning initiative was proposed by a Patricia Villarrubia Gómez, a Spanish research assistant at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.  She believes that coastal clean-ups are… Continue reading “Beach Cleaning at Bahar ic-Caghaq in Malta during Our Ocean 2017”


Welcome to the ‘Tropimundo Family’ with our new YouTube channel!

Hi everybody! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday wherever you are. Personally speaking, here in Brussels the day it’s not worth its name…quite grey and humid…and cold…Sun, where are you?! Good news is that our mate Jessica Micklem has just created a brand-new YouTube channel with video contributions from our Tropical Family: check it out… Continue reading Welcome to the ‘Tropimundo Family’ with our new YouTube channel!


GMOs: an overlooked responsibility

This past week our universities in Brussels, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), in collaboration with the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and Ghent University organized a seminar in the framework of the Biotech Week 2017. The showing (one of the first in the world) of the brand-new documentary “Food Evolution”, directed by Scott Hamilton Kennedy and… Continue reading GMOs: an overlooked responsibility


A change of mind

What a wonderful world! Just. Absolutely. Spectacular. This has been my line of thought many times in the last year. When I signed up for Tropimundo, the masters where you experience the diversity of the natural world throughout your studies, I was excited but my expectations were nowhere close to the reality. Both the good… Continue reading A change of mind


Mangrove: “The coast guards”

Mangrove Except their natural benefit as a protective barrier against the flood and tsunamis, mangroves are valuable for the people living in the coastal areas. They have the most commercial value as charcoal. Mangrove charcoal is the best in quality and has many medical benefits. Mangroves are having huge crisis nowadays and are at risk,… Continue reading Mangrove: “The coast guards”


Mangroovy memories

Flameback woodpeckers hammer away at the trunks of gigantic mangroves, the sound of their hammering almost like a low-pitched percussion instrument. Kingfishers chatter away noisily and out of tune, their scintillating blue hues catching the rare hint of sunshine as they flit impatiently from tree to tree. Below the boardwalk, dozens of crabs crawl on… Continue reading Mangroovy memories


The Real Life Tropical Classroom

In-between our academic studies of Tropimundo’s globally travelling class room, me Olivia from England and Liam from Ireland, found ourselves in the midst of a real life tropical reality, on the island of Flores, Indonesia. This is in no way a rich country, and outside the pockets of touristy mayhem, it was incredible to discover… Continue reading The Real Life Tropical Classroom